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Sponge Painted Bat Art

Feeling batty with your school situation? We feel you. Adjusting to the new norm feels crazy at times. Aside from my wonderful support network, we are only keeping it together with art and um, wine. (I can't lie, there is gin too.) I will say having Autumnal and Halloween festivities to look forward to is a fantastic. The distraction from the stress we, undoubtedly feel given the current climate, is much needed. Perhaps come November, a massive weight will be lifted here in the United States? Crossing all digits and every other possible appendage.

Back to our regularly scheduled programming...Let's make some sponge painted BAT ART! It looks so cool!

Read on!



Black construction paper

White cardstock

White paint



1. Print your Bat Template on preferably on white cardstock. (Printer paper will work too but may be more difficult to remove once wet.

2. Cut the bats from your template. Place a rolled piece of tape on the backside of each bat wing. Place on the black construction paper. Consider placing the bats at different angles to appear as though thy are flying at you! SPOOKY.

4. Dip your sponge into white paint. Place the sponge on the bats and all around. This creates a cloudy effect! You can also try adding water to the paint for a thinner consistency. Use this paint to splatter over the page. It's a very cool addition. Add enough and it could look like the bats are flying through a spider web!

5. Allow the paint to dry a bit and remove the templates from the paper.

Look how cool! These were done by a 5 year old, three 7 year old's and, 40 year old. :)

Give it a go! Tag #brainybeginningsnetwork so we can see!

Happy Batty Day, Mary Alice xx


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