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Stacked Pumpkin Skulls

My zucchini plant grew pumpkins. I see that tilted head look of confusion. (You so cute.) Turns out that random vine, growing randomly, in that random spot was not a zucchini but rather a PUMPKIN VINE. My dreams of owning a pumpkin patch finally came true. Thank you Pumpkin Patch Fairy. You have given me the best gift.

With this gift, obviously came a big responsibility. I had to come up with a fun thing to do with this abundance! (I will also cook a bunch of it, no worries friends!) Part of the fun with pumpkins is decorating them! That's when the Stacked Pumpkin Skull came to mind. The proportions seem to lend themselves to a nice skull shape. And for the most part, I think they came out quite nicely! Part of me wants to add a bunch more paint and decorations, similar to a classic Sugar Skull. In the spirit of simplicity, however, I kept with this design.

These guys are a great family collaboration too! Read on!


1. Pie or sugar pumpkins

2. Mini Pumpkins