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The Fertile Hand

Our hands are very powerful! Our humanness; both vulnerable and robust, is entirely evident in the reach of our hands. The extent to which we create experiences from the tips of our very fingers is nothing short of incredible. We speak, express love, and cradle our young with the very same hands that punctuate the curve of a dancer's stance . We gather around food humbly sowed with human hands; tended and pulled from the Earth. In fact, we gather around magnificent displays of human creation everyday. What's more, we define our intentions and engage one another through these seemingly divine appendages.

Our hands are simultaneously creative, destructive and fertile.

In this moment of Covid-19, the world feels chaotic. The freedom that many of us once held in the palm of our hands, is gone. Life as we knew it feels out of reach. Now more than ever we must look within. Use this time to reach toward your fertile mind. Create something from your fear. Find your fertile artist. To quote a friend, "Sheath yourself in art".

The beauty in our humanness is our ability to adapt. Now is a time to grow and elevate our experiences.

Gather: *Cardboard


*Box cutter knife or scissors

*Acrylic paint/bushes