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8 Unique Ideas for Cardboard

Your imagination is the only limiting factor with cardboard, in my opinion. (And even then, there's always Pinterest - what a time to be alive!) Here at the Brainy Beginnings HQ, our love affair with cardboard has only just begun. I've been playing around with cardboard for years but it's only lately that I seem to have amassed an absurd amount of it.

It's likely telling of my dangerous Amazon habit. I feel if I am to fall, er remain down the Amazon Prime rabbit hole, the least I can do is turn the cardboard waste into something fun for myself (ahem... the kids).

And so it is... 8 unique cardboard ideas for you!

1. Cactus Side Table

This side table is something we are really proud of here at the Brainy Beginnings HQ. In fact, we will be selling the plans for this table in our Etsy shop soon! Stay tuned!

2. Cozy Sweaters

These little yarn wrapped sweaters are super fun to make and great fine motor practice! They make a fine accompaniment to the book, The Princess and the Pony by Kate Beaton. Have you read that?

3. Camel (That's right, a camel)

This is Herman. He's our bud. He hangs out in the living room. The kids sit on him pretty regularly and, I'm fairly certain, he loves it. Find the tutorial here.

4. Magic Carpets

These carpets are currently the most popular thing on the site! I think it may be because they are so easy and really quite versatile. Find the tutorial here.