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Nesting Notes Mother's Day Card

Mothers are the greatest creatures in all of creation. That's a bold statement but I stand by it completely. Mothers shape the world in such a profound way. They affect the lives of all future generations through their dedication to and love for their children. I am deeply thankful for all the shenanigans my mother withstood. She has lead her children through hardships with dignity but foremost, with strength. Thank you mama! Happy Mother's Day to you!

Here at the Brainy Beginnings HQ, we thought these Matryoshka Dolls would make fun Mother's Day cards. They were created to insert "Nesting Notes" of love, gratitude or admiration for your mama! They are simple to make too! Check out the tutorial below!



*Glue Stick



1. Print the Nesting Note Card Template, Nesting Notes Pocket Template and Nesting Dolls Template.

2. Fold the Nesting Note Card Template in half. Cut around the dolls, leave the section where the dolls meet uncut. This is the hinge of the card.

3. Cut out the "pocket" and glue it to the interior side of the card

4. Cut out the "Nesting Dolls" and add sweet messages for your mama!!

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there! Keep up the amazing work you do of preparing the future generations to love one another!

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