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Salt Dough Plants

I've got Ron Gallo on the speaker and a mocha nearby. Things are not so bad friends. Not so bad at all. How about you? Tell me about your life, your troubles and everything in between. Maybe you need to take your mind off things? I've got the trick, homegirl.

Salt dough plants were one of the first things we made with salt dough. More precisely, we made Salt Dough Cactus! We made these before we had this site actually. I've been meaning to write a tutorial for some time now. The mood is right. The mood is now.

I thought we'd expand upon the cactus to other types of succulents including the Snake Plant! I really love a good Snake Plant. I've had three and somehow killed them all. Why? I'm pretty good in the outdoor garden but man, indoor plants seem to suffer under my care. Maybe it's all the hot air coming out of my mouth hole?

We also made a Prickly Pear, Golden Globe and Night Blooming Cereus Cactus! SO many choices for you to take that mind and wander...

Let's get on with it.


*Salt Dough

*Acrylic paint in colors of light green, emerald green, bright yellow, white and brown, optional purple/pink