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Pine Cone Trees

Looking for an escape this holiday season? Create your own Magical Pine Cone Forest! It's super easy (one of our easiest crafts to date!) and fun! These trees make fun Christmas decor. They also provide a great visual for a story prompt! Have your kids make up a fun and exciting adventure around this forest!


*Pine Cones

*Acrylic paint


*Extra fine white glitter (biodegradable, if possible)

*Hot glue/gun


1. Pull the bottom end of the pine cone off to your desired tree length.

2. Apply a good bit of hot glue to the end.

3. Place flower pot in the glue.

4. Hold until the glue sets.

5. Paint and apply glitter! Viola!

Add stars to the top or decorations as desired!

Happy Holidays from the Brainy Beginnings HQ!

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