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Yarn Skein Nests

Around this time last year, I wanted to display some Easter eggs. As per usual, I was tinkering around in my office, er kitchen, er office and decided to fold a single skein of yarn together and attach the ends. I placed it on a cake stand and threw some white painted, wooden eggs in it. It looked like a pretty cool and brightly colored nest! Even my mom thought so. (You know how that feels when your mom approves without asking? It's great.) Enter Hop Fest, the greatest crafting extravaganza there is and I decided to go with the Yarn Skein Nest idea. It's really, really, simple and would make the most fabulous spring and/or Easter decor!

Give it a go!

Try it as a centerpiece!

Use our Paper Roll Carrots as additional decoration!


*Two 5 oz. skeins of yarns per nest. We also tried it with a 7 oz skein though it requires a bit more finagling.

*Yarn needle

*Large Bead (Optional)


1. Lay your skeins end to end. Pull string from one skein to about 25 inches. Cut off.

2. Optional: Tie a large bead on the end opposite of the needle.

3. Insert the needle into the skein. Insert your hand into the opposite end of the skein, reach until you find the needle on the opposite side. Pull the needle through and leave a tail of yarn on the entry side.

4. Repeat with the second skein using the piece of yarn that is through the first skein.

5. Pull both skeins up toward you and push down to form a circle while tying the string tight.

6. Lay the nest down and push the sides closer together to make a complete circle. If you use the 7 oz skeins, you may need to tie bits of the end together with more yarn.

Place these on your table center, on a mantle, counter many options! Use brown yarn and add leaves, and sticks! Place eggs in the center and enjoy!

Happy spring everyone!

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