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Watermelon Shells

We went to the beach! I'm opening with that sentence and leaving it there because it's that exciting! While at the beach, we collected bucket loads of treasures! From bone fragments to shells, drift wood to fully intact exoskeletons, the beach has it all! It's truly a great place for learning with the kiddos. Of course the ocean provides brilliant material for eco crafting too!

Turns out, clam shells make really fun watermelon slices! They are so, so easy too!


*Intact clam shells

*Red and green Acrylic paint

*Foam brushes

*Black Sharpie


1. Clean shells

2. Paint lower portion of shell green. Let dry.

3. Paint upper portion of shell red. Let dry.

4. Use Sharpie to draw seeds. And done!

We plan on turning this into a really fun summertime garland. What will you do with your Watermelon Shells?

Have a great summer!

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