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Kandinsky Rocks

The weather is changing and we are spending our time outdoors. In the last week, we have been to three creeks, not to mention multiple parks and the beach! As we head outdoors more frequently, we search for crafting materials. Using natural materials for crafting is not only inspiring but eco friendly! Nature provides the very best materials that do not require manufacturing. What's more? Your creations will always be unique. A total win.

Walking through a creek begs for rock collecting. We have filled our pockets and bags to the brim with various rock shapes. Comparing rock types among creeks is something we have become fond of. Knowing where to find certain shapes and sizes, provides us with a template for creation. For instance, one of our creeks provides very flat, small and angular rocks. This is likely a type of shale. It's perfect for creating Rock Books, Rock Stack Burgers, and our Kandinsky Rocks background.

We found the rounder stones slightly out of the riparian zone of the creek. These round stones are likely river rocks used in a gravel composite. They are small, smooth and well suited for stacking!