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Almond Ornaments

Last year things got a little nutty 'round here. I had what I could only describe as a Jesus-Of-The-Burned-Toast moment. I stared squarely into a bowl of nuts and thought, these almonds look like angels. Out came the glue gun and viola, the Nutty Angels were born! These lil angels have held up perfectly from last year's revelation and look quite lovely on the tree! And though these angels have withstood the test of time, I knew I wanted to expand upon this nutty ornament family.

This year we created Almond Poinsettias, Almond Holly leaves and a few Nutty Angels with brightly colored heads! These guys are really quite fun and SUPER easy to make! The materials list is short and the execution is open to all sorts of design fun. Do a single layer of poinsettia leaves, add a layer or two, add yellow beads or naturals ones such as these...perhaps rainbow colored Poinsettias are in your future? Use that birth given artistic license and own that Christmas tree like only you know how.


*Almonds in shells

*Wooden beads (varying sizes)


*Hot glue/gun



For the Holly leaves:

1. Glue two almonds together.