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Bubble Wrap Grasshoppers

Printmaking and construction combine with cuteness overload to bring you these paper roll grasshoppers! They are a wonderful project for spring and massively great for scissor practice. Start by downloading the FREE TEMPLATE, make prints with bubble wrap and assemble the grasshopper! Try this project with slightly older kiddos, somewhere in the 7-10 range. (There is considerable cutting and tracing.) You can customize each grasshopper with rosy cheeks, fun antennae and big goofy grins. The more you add, the more character your grasshopper will have! Enjoy the process!


Paper rolls

Multiple shades of green construction paper (Cardstock is best for the legs)

Pink paper

Googly eyes


Pen or black marker


Hot glue or white glue depending on your level of patience :)

Bubble wrap

Acrylic paint


1. Print your Grasshopper Template. Preferably on cardstock. It will be much easier to trace around. Cut out each piece.

2. Apply an even coat of acrylic paint to your bubble wrap. Press onto the shade of green paper that you would like to use for your wings. Remove and set aside to dry. Try adding several colors!

3. Trace around each piece of the template on green paper. Trace the legs with the template up facing. Turn the legs over and trace another pair. Repeat with the head template. Trace the wings on your bubble wrap print. Cut out.

4. Cut a piece of green paper to fit around your paper roll. Tape on.

5. Glue the abdomen onto the bottom of the roll, over the tape.

6. Glue the wings on the opposite side of the abdomen.

7. Glue each leg on.

8. To put the head on, glue the two sides together, just at the top. Now pull the underside of the head open and add glue to each side. Place over the paper roll.

9. Add eyes, cheeks and antennae! Don't forget that big, goofy grin!

Enjoy your grasshoppers!

We hope you are excited to welcome in spring!

Mary Alice, XX


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