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Cardboard and Mum Gourds

Creating beautiful things with flowers is always rewarding. That is especially true when the setup is super fast! This activity is fabulous for the littlest members of your tribe, including preschoolers, kindergarteners and elementary age kiddos. Though I will say, as a (semi-mature) adult, I love creating these just as much as the kids. What is equally fantastic about this activity is the reusable factor! Once your mums (or any other type of flower) is wilted, simply remove and add other foliage!

Creating these Cardboard and Mum Gourds is easy! The supplies list is minimal but the impact is BIG! Read on for the DIY!





Mums (or some other readily available flora)


1. Draw a gourd shape on your cardboard. We absolutely love the crookneck varietals. They are quite easy to identify and look SO neat! There are many different shapes to choose from. Use this as an opportunity to learn and teach more about gourds!

Check out these cool gourds!

2. Once you have drawn your gourd shape, cut it out.

3. Use the tip of your scissors or pencil to punch holes in the cardboard.

4. Decorate your cardboard with mums by pulling the mum stem through the holes! Enjoy!

Have fun with this idea! Thanks for stopping by.

Mary Alice xx

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