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Cardboard Magic Carpets

Things got a little bit magical at our place over the weekend. Inspired by Herman, the cardboard camel, we had a Magical Desert themed gathering. It was...well...pretty rad altogether. One of the things we made were Magical Carpets. They were a big hit! We had so much fun with them, we made them again! This time in a rainbow theme!


*Cardboard (cereal boxes, pizza boxes work great!) *Paint or Kwik sticks *Stickers *Yarn *Scissors *Hole punch *Pen *Magic Carpet Template


1. Print magic carpet template. Cut it out and trace around it on cardboard. Repeat for desired amount of carpets.

2. Paint! Kwik sticks are a super fun and mess free way to paint! Add stickers!

3. Once dry, punch holes along the ends.

4. Cut 4 inch pieces of yarn to thread through the ends. ( This is great scissor practice for the littles!)

5. Make a loop with the yarn. Slide the loop end through the hole in the end of the carpet. Bring the ends up through the loop and pull. Repeat until all the holes are filled. Try using multiple colors! Alternate colors! Mix it up! Have fun!

Here is a little sneak peak into the other happenings at the Magical Desert gathering:

Have a wonderful day!


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