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Cardboard Spinning Plates

Wanna be a spinning plates performer without breaking your mom's china? Now you can! Make some cardboard plates and get ready to be a superstar spinner! Let's work this out! Put your best performance gear on and let's get this party on and on. These plates would make a fabulous party activity! Just pre-cut the plates and let the kiddos paint to their delight. Read on!



Single wall cardboard Acrylic paint

Foam brushes


Hot Glue/gun

Giant skewers


1. Trace a large circle in your cardboard. Trace a small circle. Cut out both circles. If desired, cut the sides of the large circle to create a different shape. 2. Glue small circle on to the back of the large circle. This helps to stabilize the plate.

3. Paint the plate in desired base color. Let dry.

4. Paint designs on plates. Have fun with it!

​5. Let dry. Poke hole through the small piece of cardboard with the skewer into the plate but not through it. 6. SPIN YOUR PLATE! Show us that sass!

Tag #brainybeginningsnetwork so we can see!


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