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Cardboard Sunflowers

Despite all the major things happening in the world, we are doing our best to live happily and hopefully. Creating art and talking about art and culture has dominated our Friday routine lately. I have found that it softens the blow of the worldly going-ons. I need a softening. You need a softening. It's an overwhelming world out there but we can process and begin to heal through craft and art. Our Cardboard Sunflowers have provided us with that very need.

Ready to take your mind off things for a minute? Grab the carboard and paints.


Corrugated cardboard

Acrylic paint in shades of yellow and orange

Paint brushes

White glue

Brown yarn



1. Turn your cardboard over to the printed side. Roughly draw out a circle with "V" shaped petals extending from the circle.

2. Cut out the drawing.

3. Begin to give the petals depth by pulling apart the cardboard layers.

4. Paint the sunflower. Use multiple colors in orange and yellow. Paint between all the layers.

5. Using a paintbrush, apply glue to a large circle in the center.

6. Grab the end of the brown yarn. Pull to a length of 5 inches or so. Continue pulling the yard out from the skein and folding over itself. You are creating a little bundle of yarn to cut "seeds" from (much like creating a tassel).

6. Cut the ends of the yarn, allowing it to fall into the glue. These are your seed! Disperse them as much as desired. Have fun with it!

Please do have a wonderful weekend. Find some time to breath, some time for yourself. From the Brainy HQ, much love. Xx


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