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Cereal Box Birds with Yarn Nest

The birds are chirping with a fervor unlike any other time of year. We cannot escape joining in the ritual jubilation and hope that spring brings. It is downright intoxicating. As a new season rounds the corner once more, we can take time to shed the hardships, loosen our tightly bound clothing and take a collective breath. It is my hope that each of you find special meaning in this bountiful change. And if you are feeling so inspired, make some birds! :)

These were so fun to make! They require very little materials and very little time. But look how cute and colorful!


Hard boiled eggs


Cereal box




Hot glue


1. Wrap yarn in your desired color around the widest part of your palm. Wrap twice, use glue to secure the loose end. Continue wrapping until you have a decent nest size to place your hard boiled egg into. Glue the end down. Tuck any bits in to form a nice shape.

2. Open a cereal box on all sides to flatten it. Draw a bird on the printed side. Cut it out. Be sure to draw legs.

3. On the unprinted side, use your pen to decorate the bird. Draw lines, add an eye, add color if desired.

4. Cut a large square piece out and glue the legs to hold the bird up.

Place your little birdies next to their yarn nest! The kiddos will love it!

Try arranging them on a cake plate, or place them next to plates on the table your your kids' breakfast! Enjoy!

Have a wonderful Springtime!

Mary Alice xx


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