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Clay and spice ornaments

Today was a magical day at Root & Wild. We gathered for culture week in the brisk December air. We began the discussion about mandalas on a bed of leaves. We learned that the word Mandala is a Sanskrit word that means circle. One of my fondest memories from the day, without a doubt, was the building of a collaborative mandala. We began by collecting different types of natural materials. Some children collected red leaves, some collected yellow leaves, others still collected pine needles. We laid the items down, using a rock as a central point from which to build outward. Both the experience and results were incredible! You can see pictures of our collaborative piece here.

So what is Root & Wild? It is a place where kiddos can learn, play and create, uninhibited. We challenge each child weekly to think outside the box, and to find inspiration in nature. Root & Wild is a place where kids become inspired by each other. Weekly projects are created to enrich the concept of each lesson. This week was mandalas. Not only did we create a collaborative mandala as mentioned above, we also created these Clay and Spice Mandala Ornaments to take home. Find out more about Root & Wild here.

To make your own Clay and Spice Ornaments read on!


Air Dry Clay



Poppy seeds

Star Anise

Cinnamon sticks

Parchment paper

Optional: Pressed flowers


1. Roll a ball of air dry clay in your hands. Place on parchment paper.

2. Flatten the ball into a circle. Do not flatten too thin or it will crack while drying.

3. Begin to create a mandala by placing an object in the center such as a peppercorn or dried Star Anise.

4. Work outward from there, creating a symmetrical design.

5. Use a pencil or the end of a paint brush to poke a hole for the ribbon to thread.

Allow the clay to dry thoroughly. This may take up to three days or longer, depending on the thickness of the clay.

Hang in your desired location! Store your ornament in a dry location (away from lil critters!). It should last a very long time and smell delish!

Happy Holidays from the Brainy HQ!

Mary Alice xx


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