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Clothespin Butterflies

Ok, I'm a hippie. You may not know that simply by looking at me. My hair is dyed, I wear makeup, and sometimes I even dress up... to play DnD. But at the core, you will discover a giant Earth lovin' fool. I find what brings the most inspiration is nature. If you look around you, nature has given us the answers to everything. Everything we have "discovered" as humans was and is simply a reflection of something that exist in nature. Therefore, I say, take to the garden. Find your inspiration there...and perhaps, here. :)

You only need TWO things to create these! It does not get much more simple. Because this activity is so simple, it's a prefect time to sit with loved ones (kiddos or friends) and just be. Grab a cup of tea, put the music on and create. Let yourself get carried away with creating. Let all the noise go. We all deserve to feel at ease from time to time.


Wooden clothespins

Nature bits n bobs (leaves, buds, petals, twigs, etc.)

OPTIONAL: Scissors


1. Gather your nature bits. Place them in front of you so that you can see all the options.

2. Lay a wooden clothespin in front of you. Begin sliding your chosen nature piece into the center of the clothespin. Layer until you have made the most glorious of butterflies.

3. You can use a small dowel or thin object to insert each piece of nature further. Try placing pieces in from the back side too. Layering different types of leaves looks really neat!

4. OPTIONAL: Try using scissors to alter the shapes of the leaves.

Have fun with these! Once you are done, take some pictures to remind yourself of this moment. Sending my love from the Brainy HQ.


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