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Clothespin Skeleton

Pulling out our bucket(s) of craft supplies gets the family all sorts of jazzed. After digging around a bit, the clothespins really caught our interest. I remembered seeing a clothespin fish on KidsCraft101 (Instagram) that was so cool, I wanted to try something similar. I loved the way the artist used the clothespins as bones. Those amazing fish inspired this very skeleton. Isn't amazing how much inspiration is on Instagram?

The kids are totally amused by this little guy. They named him lil Frank. I think he needs a top hat, probably some pom pom toed shoes. What do you think?





White paint/brushes

Black marker

Hot glue/gun


1. Draw a skull and pelvis shape on your cardboard. Cut out.

2. Paint the pieces white.

3. Push the skewer into the pelvis and the skull. You may wan to cut the length. Add hot glue if your pieces are wobbly.

4. Place clothespins on the skewer to create ribs. Add more clothespins to the sides for arms. Add two clothespin legs and feet!

5. Stand your little guy up and give him a much needed (and most likely sassy) name.

Just look at this sass.

Have a great day!

Mary Alice xx


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