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Collected Stick Apple

Every good craft begins with a nature walk. Or it should, I'd argue. Whether this walk is to clear one's mind, be inspired or to collect nature's finest treasures, the ultimate crafting experience should derive from nature in some way. I could go on about this subject, waxing philosophical about the lessons nature has to teach. For now, however, I'll resign to the bendy, extended, leaf holding bits nature offers; AKA sticks.

Sticks are much more versatile than you might imagine. They can be painted, wrapped in yarn, bells added, covered in fabric, or otherwise decorated and assembled in a myriad of ways. Sticks are perfect for open ended play and process focused creativity. Lay them out and let the kiddos go to town. Conversely, guide your children through this Collected Stick Apple project. There is much room for children to flex their creative muscles here too.

This Collected Stick Apple makes fabulous fall décor. It functions as a keepsake too! Pull it out each year and remember that time you and your little one(s) explored nature and created together.

Let's get started!


Collected sticks in varying sizes

Hot glue/gun

Acrylic paint in desired colors

Nonstick surface (such as parchment paper)

Mod Podge (Optional)


1. Lay the sticks out with the longest sticks in the center. Use any curling or knotted sticks for the stem/leaf section.

2. Paint the apple! Go nuts! Or be very tame. Deciding how to paint your apple is part of the fun! Don't forget to paint the stem!

3. Wait for the paint to dry and glue the apples together. Using a nonstick surface, start gluing on the left or right side and work your away across the apple, gluing the sticks together where they naturally touch. You can try gluing the sticks together before painting too. That will help to disguise the glue if you are concerned.

4. Once the apple has dried, turn it over and apply glue to the back side. This will reinforce the structure. Let dry.

5. Glue the stem on!

You can add Mod Podge to this if you so desire. It will increase the overall durability (however I did not do so).

Hope you enjoyed another Brainy stick project! Find many more on the site! Happy Fallidays!


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