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Cork Burgers

We are at the halfway point of summer here in the States. That is giving me reason to ramp up both the summer crafting and the summer eating. Watermelon, peaches, blueberries, cherries and, most obviously, burgers are peaking in perfection and I'm here for it. We took a little nod from the classic summer BBQ staple: The Burger. Use those corks (you know you have a few, don't lie) and make adorable summertime magnets! You could put a few together and gift them to your bestie.

It only takes ONE CORK to make a burger!



*Acrylic paint

*Small brushes

*Serrated knife

*Cutting board

*Small magnets

*Hot glue/gun


1. Using your serrated knife, cut the ends of the cork off to create the bun. These two sections should be slightly larger than the middle pieces.

2. Cut 4 more pieces from the center of the cork. Two slices will be thin and the other two a bit thicker. If you are planning on making several of these, I recommend you do all the cutting at the same time, then on to the painting, etc. It will make the process easier.

3. For the tomato, cut a thin slice and paint red. For the cheese, cut a square from the center of the cork, slice on the diagonal. Paint yellow or orange or whichever variety of cheese you like!

4. For the burger and lettuce sections, use your knife to chisel down the sides. It's best to make uneven sides. This will add to the overall affect. Try to remove any sharp edges from the cork for these pieces.

5. Paint each piece, allow to dry before assembling.

6. Use a hot glue gun to assemble.

7. Glue a small magnet to the back to create a fun summah'time magnet!

(clearly didn't take my own advice to let the paint dry here, but you get it.)

What do you think? Will you give it a go?

Have a great second half of summer!

Please share far and wide!


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