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Egg Carrots

What is it about turning something unexpectedly, into something else? For starters, it's like a little puzzle. Puzzles are great for exercising that grey matter. We could all use a little bit more of that, right? Secondly, it's like hitting gold when you can turn one seasonally appropriate thing (in this case, eggs) into another, equally seasonal and appropriate thing (think carrots). But what's even more fun about the entire thing: it's cute! And we all know cute things make us happy. The End.

But it's not the end! It is, more precisely, the beginning of you making something cute for spring. Enjoy!

Ready? Let's get started!


Blown Eggs (you can use hard boiled but they will not last year after year)

Mod Podge or white school glue

Paint Brush

Orange tissue paper

Green yarn

Hot glue



1. Grab your clean blown eggs. (Blown eggs are simply hollowed eggs that will last many years. Follow this tutorial for full instructions: Egg Blowing 101: How To Blow Out An Egg To Make It Hollow – Practically Functional)

2. Tear pieces of tissue paper. Be sure to have plenty of pieces to grab from.

3. Use your paint brush to apply a layer of glue onto the egg. Apply paper, one piece at a time.

4. Add glue on top of the tissue paper to ensure a good seal. Continue until you have covered the egg. Place on a nonstick surface to dry.

5. Wrap yarn around your hand multiple times. Place the bundle on the wok surface and cut another piece of yarn. Wrap and tie it off around one side of the loops. Cut the other ends so they are open- much like making a tassel. See below.

6. Hot glue the carrot top onto the fully dry eggs, er carrots.

Place these on a table or your kiddos plate for Easter! Or make them together! They are a fun craft for both kiddos and their adults!

Happy Springtime, friends!

Mary Alice xx


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