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Embroidery Hoop Suncatcher

As I enter the living room and look towards the horizon, I see the morning light stream through these little beauties and it makes my heart happy. The color of the petals and leaves has stayed remarkably beautiful for days now! I somewhat expected the leaves to brown a day in or so. However we are on day six and it is still as gorgeous as day one! It's incredible. I do hope you will make your own.

These really bring life and light in to our home. I think we could all use a bit more of that these days.


Embroidery hoop

Petals, leaves

Contact paper




1. Remove the inner ring from your hoop. Unroll your contact paper and lay the hoop on a section. Cut around it. You will need TWO pieces this size.

2. Remove the barrier from the contact paper. Lay the hoop back down on the sticky side.

3. Place the inner hoop into the larger hoop. Tighten the top.

4. Begin to add petals and leaves.

5. Continue with your design until you LOVE it!

6. Cut the excess contact paper off. Apply the second piece of contact paper to the back side. Press firmly all around the perimeter. Cut off excess contact paper.

7. Apply yarn to the top metal piece to hang.

Check out this gorgeous piece my daughter made!

I love it so much!!

I hope this will bring you some light and love during these difficult times. Take good care.


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