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Giant Leaf Resist Art

We pulled the tape from our resist art this morning to find that we had t pressed firmly enough on the tape to create strong edges. My initial impulse as an OCD type, was to start over...fix it, change it, clean it up a bit. The vicious and degrading thought process halted when my daughter said to me, that looks really cool! She is right! It does look really cool. The bleeding, somewhat muted edges, are a testament to letting things just be. Today was about process over product. Those are good days to have.

There is much to be said for process over product. Allowing children to experience the process of creating without boundaries or parameters on a perfect end product is not only healthy for children but liberating for adults! These are moments when it's ok to let a preconceived notion go; to revel in the experience creating together. These are moments that your children are learning invaluable lessons about creativity and freedom of expression.


Giant leaves, preferably waxier types like Hostas





1. Lay your leaf down on a paintable surface.

2. Use the tape to create a pattern on the leaf and to secure it to the paintable surface. (If you art looking for crisp edges, be sure to press firmly on the tape, ensuring a good seal. Or not...)

3. Paint the leaf in any way you want! Get messy and have fun!

4. Allow the paint to dry...if you can. LOL. No really though, do try.

5. Remove the tape and admire your stunning, perfectly imperfect leaf.

Have a wonderful weekend. Xx

Mary Alice


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