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Halloween Terrariums

In the off-pandemic years, we have dressed in full family, full pun concept costume. This year, things are a wee bit different. We have opted not to trick or treat. My kids are fine with it because they have been promised a giant cake. Not just any cake, mind you. A cake so ghoulish and absurd your poo will turn black. (That might be from the black icing though ghoul-infested-death-poo sounds way better.) We will have dancing and games, a fun dinner and candy. And of course, we will dress up. Because even if our neighbors can't laugh at our ridiculous costumes, we can still laugh at ourselves.

Naturally, we needed to include some dead, er "dried" flowers into our Halloween experience. They bring a little color and just the tiniest amount of spook factor when centered under a magnificent Halloween inspired cloche. The best part however: you probably have everything you need to make one right now! Hint: the tonic bottles from your G&Ts.

Read on for the full Halloween Terrarium DIY!


Clear plastic bottle


Large wooden bead

Dried flowers (or some other fun thing, like paper bats!)

Air dry clay


Black Paint

Hot glue/gun

Super glue


Optional: Pom Poms


1. Clean the outside of your plastic bottle well. Remove the label and soak in hot, soapy water to remove the adhesive. You may need to do this several times.

2. Measure and mark the amount you wish to remove from the bottom. Cut off the bottom with a boxcutter.

3. Insert a clean towel into your bottle and remove the top portion of the bottle. Working with a towel inside of your bottle serves two functions. 1. Your hand is somewhat protected from the boxcutter and 2. you will keep the bottle clean.

4. Cut the top portion of the bottle off with your box cutter.

5. Hold your bottle, bottom side down, on cardboard. Trace around it. Cut out. Repeat this step for the top opening.

6. Glue the wooden bead to the top piece of cardboard.

7. Paint both the top and bottom pieces black. Allow to dry.

8. Once the paint on the cardboard has dried, roll a ball of air dry clay and flatten it to stick on the cardboard. Arrange dried flowers into the clay.

9. Assemble your terrarium.

To assemble your terrarium:

1 Use super glue to adhere the bottle to the lower cardboard piece. Be mindful of the flowers as you assemble.

2. Super glue the top piece with the wooden bead to the bottle. Allow to dry.

3. Optional: Glue pom poms around the base for extra flair.

OOOoooOOOO SPoooky OOooooOOOOoooo!

Happy Halloween everyone!

Mary Alice, xx


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