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Hosta Leaf Fish

The garden is magnificent with vibrant shades of green, pink and yellow. We cannot keep our hands off the many textures and otherwise sensual stimulus the flora brings. There is simply no reason to either. The children explore their worlds by immersing themselves in the experience. They need to touch, smell, see, and hear the sounds available to them. The richness of a garden for immersive, sensory learning compares to none.

Naturally, after spending time in the garden, we felt compelled to <Insert something here, laughter? Yes. Lots of maniacal laughter. > To be honest though, I've been looking at those Hosta leaves for so long thinking they look like fish in some way. Today, the fish magic had to happen.

If you are looking for easy, this is it! The materials list is short and the so is the DIY. Get creative here! These fish babies are fun to make!



acrylic paint and brushes


Hosta leaves (other leaves would work well!)

Googly eyes

Hot glue gun/glue


1. Collect Hosta leaves from the garden.

2. Cut out the fish body from cardboard. Essentially make a tear drop shape. We added protruding lips. Just for funsies.

3. Add the Hosta leaf to the back of the fish by pulling the cardboard layers apart. Hot glue the leaf into place. You could also staple it together.

4. Begin to paint and let the magic flow from your paint brush!

5. Allow paint to dry. Glue on the googly eye.

Wiggle these guys around! They have great movement!

From the Brainy HQ, have the best ever day. XO


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