Klee Rocks

All things good, it seems, begin with a walk in the woods observing the natural world. After packing a bag full of rocks, listening to the birds and soaking up sunshine, I stretch my mind assembling the collected rocks like a puzzle. (This part pleases me to no end!) Generally, the idea for which artist I choose begins with the shapes of the rocks and how they cohesively fit together. Once I saw points and straight sides, Paul Klee came immediately to mind. And so it was born, the next installment in the artist rocks series- Klee Rocks!

Paul Klee was a Swiss Surrealist artist with a body of work over 9000 pieces strong. We taught as a professor in Germany and wrote on color theory. He was known to be friends with Wassily Kandinsky. Read more about Klee here.

Creating Klee rocks is fun! If you enjoy painting, you'll enjoy creating something like this. You could use paint pens or acrylic paint and brushes to create this. The best part though? A walk in the woods to observe nature, clear your mind and collect rocks!

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Ready to rock? Lets get on with ot!


*Pointy or triangular rocks

*Flat sided rocks

*Acrylic paint/brushes


1. Wash your rocks well. Dry.

2. Look at Klee's work. We chose to focus on his piece, Castle and Sun, 1928.

We examined the colors, shapes and composition. He largely uses triangles, squares, rectangles and a circular sun.

3. Configure your rocks in a way that pleases you!

4. Begin to paint.

5. Take some deep breaths. Turn on some good music. Continue painting and enjoy the process.

Step back and enjoy your beautiful Klee Rocks!

Tag #brainybeginningsnetwok if you try! Have a great day!