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Mini Planters

Enter Oliver, stage left, in all his fury-girl's-bestfriend-greatness. Oliver, the doggo, decided it was a perfect time to have an invite only Easter egg hunt...for one. Oliver must have blissfully and with much hope, rummaged through some 300 eggs in an attempt to find the teeniest rogue chocolate morsel. What he seemed to forget was just how much the children like chocolate too. Silly Oliver.

Now I'd been saving these eggs year after year for our Annual Egg Hunt with my fellow Geek Moms. This event, on Non Pandemic years is quite a success with 30 plus kids in attendance. It is one of my favorite events of the year. However with the Virus looming, our egg hunt was canceled. We resorted to a mini, at home version. It was quite delightful. I placed the eggs we used with the remaining eggs , intent on saving them for the next Non Pandemic year. God help us.

Having been struck lazy by virtue of Oliver's egg romp, despite my attempt to save each and every egg for the next hunt, I decided it might be fun to turn some eggs into planters. With this new Quarantine Life, any activity to keep us sane is a good one. Besides, these Mini Planters can be saved for evermore too.


*Plastic Eggs

*Glue gun/glue sticks

*Wooden beads

*Strong magnets

*Super glue

*Potting soil


Create: 1. Cut eggs apart. Use the larger section for the planter.

2. Glue on beads with hot glue.

3. Use hot glue to attach the magnet. You will need strong magnets. Now, use the super glue around the edges of the magnets to ensure it stability.

4. Add potting soil and succulents! Place your Mini Planters on the fridge or in your workspace! YAY!

Happy Upcycling, good people of the world!


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