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Orange Pomander Turkeys

Crafting with natural elements is a favorite 'round here. Not only do natural materials create unique and stunning crafts, they decompose. If you are anything like me, you move quickly from craft to craft. Kids are prone to this type of behavior too. Because of that, it's important to consider the materials that you use and the impacts they have once tossed out. The fact is, we want kids to try all sorts of techniques. In doing so, they learn a great deal. Combining biodegradable elements and crafting means, no negative environmental impact and all the tactile, artsy, crafty learning possible!

These Orange Pomander Turkeys are made entirely of natural or otherwise foraged nature finds. (Googly eyes optional!) Start with a family walk collecting all the treasures; end with a lovely Thanksgiving day craft! These Pomander Oranges will look stunning on a Thanksgiving tablescape too. Image all the possibilities! From pinecones, to sticks, cinnamon and cloves, Orange Pomander Turkeys have a place in the new family traditions.




Wooden beads



Sticks, leaves



Hot glue/gun

Optional: Googly eyes


1. Wipe any debris from your oranges. Start with a clean surface,

2. Using a skewer, create pilot holes in your orange. Start about halfway back on the turkey.

3. Place natural elements into the orange.

4. Continue with the process, adding all sorts of fun things. Try using multiple skewers in one turkey. Place beads on the skewers for extra flair!

5. Use a cinnamon stick to create the body. To do so, cut a skewer to about an 1 inch in length. Add a small amount of glue to one side of the cinnamon stick. Glue skewer to the cinnamon stick.

6. Place the cinnamon stick, skewer side in, into the orange. Add googly eyes if desired.

These Orange Pomander Turkeys can be made in so many different ways! They look lovely, are fun to make and smell AMAZING!!

Let us know if you try making one! Tag #brainybeginningsnetwork so we can see!

Wishing you a wonderful Holiday season!

Mary Alice xx


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