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Paper Roll and Pinecone Squirrels

The squirrels around here have moxie. They have gone full nut frenzy, fearing not for their lives as they cross the road, navigating giant metal monsters infinity larger than themselves. Obviously this harrowing feat is worth every single nut they find, stash and munch on at a later date. It's possible, maybe, that squirrels are the bravest animals in all the land. And if that isn't reason enough to make your own Paper Roll Squirrels, than consider just how cute they really are. Aderable!

I love the movement these guys have. They are pretty fun, right? I put them in the kitchen by the jars of beans, white bean ghosts and ceramic pumpkins. They seem to fit right in. If only the sun were out, I could pop a nice pic up here! Otherwise, do trust that it's a scene full of Autumnal joy. And now, the DIY...


Paper rolls


Brown and black paint

White paint


Hot glue/gun



1. Flatten your paper roll.