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Paper Roll Monkeys and Bananas

As the title would suggest, this is the most BANANAS thing we've ever created. In fact, not only are these monkeys and bananas fun, they are a metaphor for the current state of the world: Straight CRAY CRAY BA NAY NAY. So grab a hold of your inner monkey and make fun prints. Careful though, we don't need any poop covered walls.

If you're experiencing this pandemic similarly to me, you've got toilet paper rolls. Nay, you've got toilet rolls flowing out of your bin and down the road most likely. Things are getting quite extreme, aren't they? Grab some rolls and let's get cheeky, Monkey.


*Paper rolls

*Yellow and brown acrylic paint




1. Bend the paper roll into shape. For the monkey- pinch opposing sides creating the ears. They will be little peaks. Now press the top of the peak down to form a rounded ear.

For the banana- Flatten the roll. Roll it up.

Unfold the roll and pull the top apart, pinch one end smaller than the other.

2. Place roll in paint and stamp on paper.

3. Use the pen to draw the monkey face. Draw two circles for the eyes, an M for the nose and curve for the smile. Add filled in circles in the eyes and little circles in the nose. Add curve to the sides of the monkey's smile. You can also define the ears with an S and curve. See details below.

4. Add details to the bananas.

Ta-DA! Monkey Magic!

And that's it Cheeky Monkeys! Have fun with it! Tag Brainybeginningsnetwork so we can see!


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