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Paper Roll Snowflakes

Chances are, you use toilet paper. In fact, if you are like most people in the United States, you have stockpiled toilet paper to last through 2022. And now let's say you've saved all those spent rolls. (Please save all those spent rolls!) In theory, you should have loads of toilet rolls by now. That can only mean one thing in our crafty household, you can make a metric ton of seasonal or otherwise exciting things things!

Let's start with these snowflakes!

Aren't they so festive? I really like them with the little white houses too. :)


Toilet roll

Hot glue/gun

White acrylic paint or white spray paint


Optional: White pom poms


1. Flatten your paper roll. Cut it into equal strips.

2. Use your hot glue to assemble the snow flakes. Work from the center outward.

3. Build upon the central structure. Try bending your pieces in half and gluing the ends on. Part of the fun here is trying out different techniques.

4. Add pom poms if desired. Have fun with it! Try attaching them to a wall or hang from a stick!

Happy Holidays!

Mary Alice xx


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