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Paper Roll Teepee

The Brainy HQ is bustling with new ideas and changes! We have some very exciting news to share in the upcoming weeks. I do hope you will stick around and see what changes are in store! For now, it's Friday and the mood is chill. We've got some weekend things to look forward to, the kids are laid back today and life feels aiiiight. To start the weekend, Juju and I made these EASY Teepees. It's a mark making paradise! Grab your markers and let's get on with it! Happy weekend, friends!


Paper Roll







1. Flatten your paper roll. Cut diagonally. You now have two teepees!

2. Unfold your teepees and flatten them. Choose your favorite color and paint a base coat over the teepee. Let dry.

3. Use your markers to create marks on your teepees. Think diagonal and vertical lines. Make horizontal lines, T marks, dots and triangles. Add layers of color. Have fun with it!

4. Glue a piece of yarn to the top of the teepee. Untwist it to create a smoke like illusion!

Have a great weekend! XX


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