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Pencil Garland

This garland is either real cute or real embarrassing. Just how much toilet paper do we use in this house anyway? Oy. The truth is, folks, I'm far too impatient to save this many rolls. I get really eager to create about 20 paper rolls into saving. It's nearly impossible to do a large scale paper roll ideas given my child-like excitement with recyclables. Potential gets me real jazzed. How about you? Are you feeling this potential?

What do you think? Will you give it a go?


Toilet rolls

Yellow paper

Green paper

1.5 inch fluffy pom poms

Black sharpie


Pinking shears

White glue

For the garland assembly:

1.5 inch non fluffy poms

Fishing wire


Alternately, you could hot glue all of this together for a much quicker result. It will not be as durable however.


1. Fold yellow paper in half. Cut along fold with pinking shears. Fold the halves and cut with regular scissors to create quarters.

2. Glue the ridged edge about and inch from the bottom of the roll, leaving the brown exposed. Cut the overhang of the paper on the opposite side on 3 sides. Fold down into the roll.

3. Flatten the "sharpened" side and cut to form a point. Apply glue to the inside and push under a heavy object like a book until it dries.

4. Cut strips of green paper to length of the roll. Once the roll point dries, glue on the green strips.

5. Color the tip black.

6. Glue pom poms to the inside of the roll. Let dry before assembling the garland.

To assemble the garland:

1. Glue one firm, 1.5 inch pom to either side of the top of the pencils.

2. Tie a loop in one end of the fishing line. Thread the needle with the other side of the fishing line. Insert the threaded needle through the side of the pom and across the back of the pencil, into the other pom. Push the needle toward the middle and out the other side.

3. Continue this until the entire garland is threaded. Glue the third pom onto the bottom of the other two, if you desire that look.

Hang your glorious Pencil Garland for all the world (or school kids) to see!


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