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Picasso Rocks

Picasso does rock though, with all his cool Cubist renderings. Are you a fan of Picasso? How about the Cubist Movement? I'm into it. I like the dissection of objects. The representative light and form evoke a depth of perspective, both literal and figurative. Cubism really changed the way we look at art and artistic technique. I would say that even if you are not a fan of Cubism, surely you appreciate the extreme change in visual perspective brought on by the movement, no?

My daughter and I went on a walk and discovered these rocks. At first, we considered making a pizza with them. We decided if we could find enough triangles of similar size, we could make a fine pizza. However, our search ended with a few similar and a few with rounder edges. As I put them together, I immediately saw a face. There is a condition for that. Apparently it's called Pareidolia. I don't have that but I did see a Picasso-esque face immediately in these rocks. Something about the proportions of the rocks and the blocked sections seemed to perfectly align with a Cubist, Picasso inspired face. This also happens to be a great puzzle. Gather:

*Rocks *Acrylic paint *Brushes *Inspirational Picasso images *Mod Podge (Optional)


1. Collect rocks with triangular shape, determine whether they create a face shape when placed together. Wash and dry rocks thoroughly. 2. Paint rocks a base coat of white. 3. Once rocks are dry, use your Picasso inspired images (and our creation!) to design a face. The cool thing is, the more abstract it is, the better! We started by dividing the face down the middle with a black paint line to design two independent halves of one face.

4. From there, add different eyes, circles for cheeks, ears, and a mouth.

5. Fill in the various elements with color. Seal with Mod Podge if desired.

6. Play!


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