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Pom Pom Cornucopia

Tis the season to be thankful here in the United States! Thanksgiving is right around the corner and we have had beautiful weather! And let's be honest, giving thanks sure beats siting around thinking about how life has changed so much, right? So we made a cornucopia! Cornucopias are an old symbol of abundance. Its name, entered into the English dictionary in 1508, originates from two Latin words; Cornu meaning “horn” and Copia meaning “plenty”., according to Bright Hub. One day, maybe we will weave one with actual sticks! But for now, the cardboard will do. As cardboard always does.

Making this cornucopia is easy! Head to the rubbish bin and grab the cardboard! Let's get on with it!




Pom Poms

Hot glue/gun



1. Begin by drawing a cornucopia shape. There are many on the internet to draw inspiration from.

2. Cut out the cornucopia shape.

3. Optional: Outline the cornucopia shape with a brown marker to accentuate the shape.

4. Wrap twine around the horn to resemble a woven basket.

5. Glue varying pom pom shapes and colors to the "opening" of the horn to resemble fruit and vegetables!

Try hanging your Pom Pom Cornucopia on the wall with yarn or place it on the Thanksgiving table!

Have a wonderful season of giving thanks!

Mary Alicexx


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