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Pressed Flower Spinning Mobile

If you've been following along with Brainy Beginnings for some time now, you've seen we have a real love of nature. Recently pressed flowers have been on my mind. I even got a flower press! Though seeing the yield this bad boy produces leads me to consider how I might be able to create an industrial size flower press.

Surely there is a thing such as that?

Our Pressed Flower Mobile was a massive hit this morning at the creative table. The kids continued asking to make their very own as I was figuring out a craft for the day. It became a fantastic thing to create together! The kiddos insisted on hanging their mobiles above their beds. They even added a few items to personalize them further.

Read on for the DIY.


Paper plates

Contact paper

Pressed flowers






1. Use a paper plate as your template to create a circle o the contact paper.

Repeat. You will need two contact paper circles.

2. Cut out the circles. Peel the backing from the contact paper.

3. Apply pressed flowers to one of the circles.

Find a tutorial for pressed flowers here.

4. Place the pressed flower covered contact paper over one side of the plate. Press firmly to ensure each piece of exposed contact paper is touching the plate.

Repeat steps 3 and 4. Apply contact paper circle to the other side of the plate.

5. Use your scissors to cut out the mobile. Start on the outside of the plate and cut inward in a spiral. Create a little curved spot a the inner point of the paper. See picture.

6. Trim off any bits of the plate that are not seamless.

7. Bend the inner area of the plate up and punch a hole in it.

8. Run yarn through the hole, tie a knot and hang!

For added whimsy, create a beaded chain down the center.

1. Punch a hole in the folded portion of the inner plate, or the section that holds the yarn. You want to make sure you are in the center of the plate.

2. Cut a piece of yarn the length of the extended mobile.

3. String the yarn through the new hole. Tie a knot on one end.

4. String the beads, tying a knot after each one to ensure it stays. End with a bead. Tie the string around the bead and knot. Cut off excess yarn.


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