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Project Love: Heart Chain Wildlife Feeder

The world watched in horror as billions of animals died, human lives were lost and properties destroyed during the Australian bush fires. The devastation felt nearly incomprehensible from our comfortable home here in the eastern coast of the United States. However, listening to the stories from friends directly affected by the fires, hearing of the imminent threats to their country, and the changes to the local ecology, deeply weighed on our hearts. We wanted to help.

When Shannon from Oh Creative Day (my Aussie buddy) reached out to us regarding a collaborative fundraising effort, we immediately jumped on board. Shannon's initiative mobilized 24 blogger from around the world to create an e-book. Each blogger has contributed time and creative effort without payment. 100% of the funds raised will go to FoodBank Australia.

From Shannon, "For every $1 you donate, Food Bank are able to provide $6 worth of supplies to communities affected by the bushfires. So you pay 10AUD, but Food Bank are able to provide $60 worth of supplies with that donation. Hurrah! $AUD10 is about $US6.70 / £5.20."

By purchasing this e-book: