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Rainbow Stegosaurus Chalkboard

First thing is first; I must confess my love for these little guys. This is a love that goes beyond many of the things we've recently created here at the Brainy HQ. Our Rainbow Stegosaurus meets at the intersection of Halloween and educational craft. Obviously, NOTHING is greater. Plus rainbow plates! RAINBOW PLATES. So much fun and goodness in one place, I'm having a hard time digesting.

Creating a craft that the kids can wipe off and reuse is also a win. This provides ample opportunities to learn rudimentary bones and bone structure. Once you've mastered the ribcage, try adding more detail to the facial bones. You could make one very large Stegosaurus. That would allow for more detailed bone structure. There are limitless possibilities here.

Read on.



Chalkboard paint



Acrylic paint in rainbow colors

Paint brushes

Hot glue/gun


1. Draw a stegosaurus shape on cardstock. Or draw directly on the cardboard. Use a pencil to do so, erasing bits that you may not like.

2. Once you have settled on a stegosaurus shape you like, (trace) cut it it out.

3. Paint the dinosaur in chalkboard paint. Use multiple coats.

4. Cut out multiple tear drop shapes, in varying sizes. These will be your plates. Paint the plates in rainbow colors.

5. Allow the paint to dry and glue the plates to the dinosaur.

Once dry... Grab your chalk and go to town creating the Stegosaurus Skeleton!

Have a great day!

Mary Alice xx


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