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Roller Skate Valentine's Craft

It's the punniest time of the year and I What could possibly be better than making a fool of yourself with ridiculous puns in the name of love? Absolutely nothing. There is nothing better. Period. I'd also venture to say that if you are reading this, you too enjoy ridiculous things. So thank you for being here. I wheel-y appreciate it. :) Please read on to create your very own pun-tastic Valentine's Day craft.

This is a fun craft to make for multiple reasons. First and foremost, it's 100% customizable! Make that rad pair of skates you always wanted but never got as a child. Add lots of color, pom poms, yarn, biodegradable glitter... your imagination is the limit. Secondly, it's a roller skate. Need I say more?


Cereal box

Paper Roll

Pom poms


Hole punch

Acrylic paint/brushes



1. Print and cut out the template.

2. Open your cereal box completely, unfolding all sides.

3. Trace around your template. Cut out the tracing.

4. Punch holes in the skate for the yarn.

5. Paint the skate in any way desired! Go nuts! Have the best time with it! Be bold, add lots of colors.

6. Cut two pieces off the paper roll and paint them as your skate dries. Once the skate has dried, glue the circles on to represent wheels. Glue poms to the inside if desired.

Add a very punny message such as the one below!

Happy Valentine's Day, loves!

Mary Alice, xx


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