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Roving Rainbow

It's a wonderful thing to have friends. Friendship is one of those treasures in life that, when mutual, is consistently meaningful. I have been fortunate to have made many friends throughout my life. I feel quite thankful for them. In fact, when I first started Brainy Beginnings, I felt incredibly encouraged to continue on creating due to the numerous gifts of art supplies I received from friends. It was nearly every other week that I would receive a mixed bag of rad materials! Honestly, I took that as a sign to keep going.

Take for instance this roving. It was sent to me by a friend I knew while living in Lexington, KY. She had extra supply and thought I would appreciate it. Well, howdy dooty, I sure do now and I sure did then. Thanks again, Erin. <Giant Smiley Face> Now after a few years I'm finally putting this roving to good use. My daughter loves it so much. I'm happy I waited until she was old enough to treasure and protect it from her tyrannical brother.


Roving in rainbow colors plus white

White school glue

Foam brush



For the raindrops:


Fishing line

Hot glue/gun

Acrylic paint in various shades of blue

Parchment paper


1. Based on the amount of roving you have, determine the size of rainbow you will create. Lay out the roving and get an approximate measurement.

2. Draw an arch shape in the approximate size on the cardboard and cut out.

3. Apply copious amounts of glue to the arch. You want a decent amount of glue for the roving to stick.

4. Begin to lay the roving into the glue, pulling the roving apart and adding little bits at a time.

5. Continue adding the roving, working your way down.

6. Once you've complete the rainbow, allow the piece to dry for a bit. It will take a day or so to be fully dry.

For the raindrops:

1. Gather acorns and place in a container that can get paint-y.

2. Place acorns, and squirts of paint in various shades of blue into the box. Shake!

3. Lay acorns out on parchment paper to dry.

Once the acorns are dry, begin to assemble the drops to the rainbow.

1. Lay down parchment paper. Cut a piece of fishing line to about 5 inches. Use the hot glue gun to attach the end of the line to the rainbow.

2. Add glue to the back side of the acorn, pointy side up. Place the glue side of the acorn down on the fishing line. Press firmly. Continue until you are satisfied with the raindrop acorns. Be sure to unevenly space them for a pleasing look. Repeat on the other side.

To add the clouds, simply apply white glue to the roving on the end of the rainbow. Lay the white roving on top.

Look! The acorns look like real raindrops! or at least how we illustrate raindrops!

I hope you enjoy this rainbow as much as my daughter and I do! It looks amazing in her room and I can't wait to show you all the other things I'm doing in there! Remember this cardboard bookshelf?

It's one of the many new things happening in the kids' bedroom! AND I recently snagged a FREE dresser that is getting a redo!

Stay tuned! Have a wonderful day!


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