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Roving Rainbow

It's a wonderful thing to have friends. Friendship is one of those treasures in life that, when mutual, is consistently meaningful. I have been fortunate to have made many friends throughout my life. I feel quite thankful for them. In fact, when I first started Brainy Beginnings, I felt incredibly encouraged to continue on creating due to the numerous gifts of art supplies I received from friends. It was nearly every other week that I would receive a mixed bag of rad materials! Honestly, I took that as a sign to keep going.

Take for instance this roving. It was sent to me by a friend I knew while living in Lexington, KY. She had extra supply and thought I would appreciate it. Well, howdy dooty, I sure do now and I sure did then. Thanks again, Erin. <Giant Smiley Face> Now after a few years I'm finally putting this roving to good use. My daughter loves it so much. I'm happy I waited until she was old enough to treasure and protect it from her tyrannical brother.


Roving in rainbow colors plus white

White school glue

Foam brush



For the raindrops:


Fishing line

Hot glue/gun

Acrylic paint in various shades