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Scandinavian Trees and Birds

Hello to you! and you! and you! Welcome back to the new and improved Brainy Beginnings Network! Have a little look-see around. You may notice the very exciting new tab labeled, 'Shop'. That's right! We are gearing up to sell some pretty cool things in the not-so-distant future (fingers crossed). The Brainy Beginnings shop will contain craft kits, DIYs, fun printable things and Brainy Beginnings merchandise! We hope to expand far beyond that as we move forward in this adventure.

Of course we will continue to create with reckless abandon, get filthy, and provide fun (and FREE!) content for you and your family to enjoy. Moreover, we are so glad you are here and want to thank you for supporting Brainy Beginnings! Now on to our little Scandinavian inspired craft and some potty talk. :)

Can you guess what these little guys are made from? Think most ubiquitous quarantine item. That's right- the loo roll tube. (Shout out to the English folks for making toilet paper roll sound like a desirable Seuss contraption.) Despite my best efforts to convince my family that we should switch to a family cloth (haha); we like so many others have an abundance of the loo roll. Thusly, we craft.


Paper Rolls

Acrylic Paint in blue, white and orange


A pencil



1. Flatten your paper roll. Place your pencil on the right sided seam and draw a triangle for a beak about 3/4 from the bottom of the roll. Curve up and around to create the head. Think sideways 'C'.

2. Now draw a 'J' to form the back of your bird. Continue the bottom loop of the 'J' up to the opposite side of the roll to create the feathers. Cut it out. See picture below.

3. To create the trees, simply draw three triangles, one on top of the other. Add a trunk if desired.

Look at the precision here. :) The lesson here is, it's really ok to make things a bit whonky. General whonkyness adds character.

4. One you have cut out your pieces, begin to paint them. Add a base layer of blue to begin. Let dry.

5. Add details such as dots and lines. Paint floral shapes like tulips, leaves and curling lines. Repeat the details for a beautiful Scandinavian effect. Repeat on the trees.

There are SO many things you can do with these beauts! Try adding string and a stick for a wall hanging!

You could make these ornaments on your Christmas tree! (Naturally, you'll have to remember they exist in a year from now. )

Happiest New Year too you and yours!

Mary Alice


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