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Scrap Paper Bowls

Do you have loads of scrap paper? Or should I say, do you have a child? Because if so, chances are you have loads of scrap paper! That is exciting! For many pieces of scrap paper make many lovely Scrap Paper Bowls! The process of making these is good ole messy fun. What makes it all worth it, aside from the massively glorious sensory experience is the longevity of these bowls! They will last forever! And *that* is even more exciting.

There is more than one way to complete this project. We originally did so by using balloons as the base from which to build the shape. It may be easier however just to use your favorite existing bowl. Simply wrap the outside bottom of the bowl in plastic wrap and follow steps 2-8 replacing the balloon for your favorite bowl shape.


*Scrap paper

*Glue Gun

*Jute Rope

*Mod Podge

*Balloons or your favorite bowl

*Foam brush