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Snowflake Queens

The Snow Gods have allowed us to have one snow day so far. We made the best of it. We sledded, made a giant snowball, had a snow fight, made a snowman and drank hot chocolate TWICE. That's about the best snow day I can think of. If it were up to me, I'd repeat the snow day schedule at least once weekly. (Perhaps a move further North is in order.) Until then, we make snowflakes of paper rolls, construction paper and coffee filters.

And until the snow falls, we will continue to craft! These Snowflake Queens began as a snowflake family craft sesh turned -fabulous-KWEEN-clothespin-doll sesh. My daughter cannot stop making them in fact. I think she is up to 10 maybe? Each time she sits down to make one, she exclaims, "THIS IS SO FUN!" Naturally, that warms my heart and I throw endless amounts of supplies at her just to see what else she can come up with. It's SO FUN! :)


Wooden clothespins


Coffee Filters

Black Pen

Red marker


Hot glue/gun



1. Create your snowflake skirt by folding the coffee filter in half. Now fold the filter in half in the opposite direction, three more times. Cut out shapes on the folded edge.

2. Cut the top of the filter off to create a hole for the doll.

3. Cut a piece of felt to wrap around the top of the clothespin, about an inch long and half an inch wide. Glue the felt to the clothespin.

4. Create the hair by wrapping yarn around two or three fingers until you have the desired thickness. Remove the yarn "ball" and tie a piece in the middle to hold it all together. Glue the bundle onto the doll head.

5. Style the hair, use hot glue to keep it in place. Glue the skirt onto the doll with a thin application of hot glue on the bottom of the shirt.

Flip that gorgeous queen over.

6. Add details such as a yarn belt with pom pom tassels and a sweet Kawaii inspired face!

7.Use a new coffee filter to create the crown. (Arguable the MOST important feature for our KWEENS.)

Play with your gorgeous girls! Enjoy the many combos of colors these beauts can be!

And finally, my daughter's Queen of Queens. This kills me so good.

Have a wonderful day, fellow good people of the world!

Mary Alice xx


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