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Handmade Holiday Gifts

Welcome to my curated list of handmade Christmas gifts. There is just something very special about handmade gifts. Below you will find unique and handmade gift ideas that can be made with or without the kiddos!

Are you ready for the gift giving season? It's so close now I can almost inhale the fibrous content of reused tissue paper. Over the last year we have created many things that would qualify as lovely gifts. (If you are my family, turn away now!)

There are so many possibilities with salt dough beads! Above are just a few ideas. Consider all the shape, color and size differences possible. We made these large enough for little hands to handle but you could make them really dainty and lovely. Or go even bigger for more DRAMA!

Have you seen the gorgeous Agate Slices people are wearing? They are fab but pricey! Make your own for near pennies! Your friends and family will love that you took time to make something special for them. Plus they will look so dang snazzy sporting one of these!

Do you have tons of scrap paper? Or perhaps more child's art than you know what to do with? Do you know someone who needs help organizing? Make them some bowls!

These bowls have been super handy in our house! We store all kinds of craft supplies in them! I am absolutely sure someone would enjoy them as a gift! (Don't look now, Ma)

These Pomegranate Suncatchers are really very pretty with the sun coming through the red seed sack. (Seed Sack. It bears repeating.) They would also look fabulous on a Christmas tree! They would be a really nice gift for a loved one. Bonus, they are fun to make!

Do you have a popcorn fiend in your house? Or a friend that talks about popcorn regularly? I've heard this is a thing. These are a fun gift for the popcorn person. They are also a great portion size! (I realize I should never discuss portion control around the holidays. Forgive me, friends.)

Does anyone NOT like a wreath? I would bet money that almost everyone likes a nice wreath. Wreaths come in all shapes and sizes. This particular wreath is most festive with its dried apples. The apples can be any color you choose! Find the tutorial for dehydrating and coloring apples slices here. Find a video how-to for the pine cone wreath base here.

7. Dried Flower Vase

These beauties would make a wonderful gift for the gardener or the flower lover in your life. They are simple to make and look simply fabulous on the wall. We used the same technique to make these as the Kusama inspired pumpkin organizers from this Fall. Find the tutorial here. Simply adapt the tutorial to make a vase shape instead of a pumpkin.

From all of us here at the Brainy Beginnings HQ, have a wonderful, safe and joyful holiday season! Cheers friends!

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