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Potato Stamped Tomatoes

Wait, is this DIY about a potato? Or a tomato? Just what the heck is this tutorial all about anyway. Why it's tomatoes, of course! But not just any tomatoes! It's adorable tomatoes stamped from the ubiquitous potato! Potato stamping is a tried and true technique with many variations on the theme. Today's theme: tomatoes.

You will need a little patience with yourself on this craft. (Though that is true of all of our ideas- #slowcrafting for the win.) Carving this potato out may take a try or two and that's ok. It's all apart of the process.


Potatoes (we used sweet potatoes because it was on hand)

Sharpened pencil or similarly pointy object


Red acrylic paint

Green acrylic paint


White paint or paint marker



1. Cut your potato in half. Use your pencil to create your initial design by lightly pressing into the potato.

2. Use your knife to press in around the design carefully about 2 cm. As you push down, cut through towards the outside of the potato as above.

3. Now cut the outside pieces off, leaving just the raised stamp portion.

This is the design for the Sliced Tomato Stamp:

We also made a stamp for the tomato leaves. This was done by creating a pencil outline of elongated triangles.

4. Use your brush to paint on the potato or simply press into a bit of paint. Cover the stamp well.

5. Place stamp on your paper and lift carefully.

6. Use your white paint marker to create seeds in the Tomato Slices. And VIOLA! Beautiful potato stamped tomatoes! You could do this on fabric, make pillows or just let the kiddos go to town creating yummy tomatoes!

Have a wonderful day!


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