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Dehydrated Orange Ornaments

The Christmas music is on. I haven't listened to the news in weeks now and I feel guilty by this decision. There is incredible suffering in the world. There is incredible inequality. I think about war. I think about the children who must endure it, forever trapped in a labyrinth of pain and fear. I shift my focus to own children. And it is times like this: Christmas music on, softly floating snow, faces of excitement for the changing season and a craft on our table, to focus our ever shifting minds. It is times like these; I can see just how wonderful life can be.

Crafting allows us to focus our sometimes chaotic minds into a more organized and productive place. We can think through a process and see the results of our efforts. Crafting with our families provides the same benefits yet with the added (and arguably more important) bonus of togetherness, learning and memory making. We can find a sense of peace in this space if we allow for it. Perhaps this holiday season, you will take time to sit around a table with your children and create something. Anything. Just do it together.

And if you'd like to create these Dehydrated Orange Ornaments, read on.


*Dehydrated orange slices (See tutorial for dehydration instructions)



*Yarn needle