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Humpty Dumpty Eggs

In addition to #soupseason and #punseason (Valentine's Day), there is #Eggseason. Reading that you may infer that Egg Season comes around every spring! Crafters, parents and kids alike love to decorate eggs! And why not!? There are a myriad of ways to decorate or otherwise play around with eggs! Recently, we have turned eggs into carrots and made yarn nest to hold our precious eggs. Creating with eggs offers limitless possibilities! What will you come up with?

But first, check out our latest egg adventure: Humpty Dumpty Eggs

Poor Humpty! If only he wasn't sitting so close to the edge. The kids are getting an absolute kick out of these guys. They crack up when they see them and they seem to love changing the faces around. They even made a bunch of their own! It's an absolute pleasure to watch them be inspired. Perhaps your kids will be inspired too. Or maybe take some time to laugh while creating your own Humpty Dumpty Eggs.


Hard Boiled Eggs

Construction paper


Paper rolls

Glue stick

Hot glue/gun




Create: 1 Cut your paper roll in two or three sections.

2. Add your first layer of construction paper by cutting a strip the width of the roll section. Tape on.

3. Use the other construction paper colors to add details like a lapel, bowtie, strips or dots.

4. Use yarn and beads to create the arms and legs. Cut the string to length, tie the end and thread the bead on. Hot glue to the inside of the paper roll.

5. Make a face on your egg! Anything goes here! Have fun with it!

6. Last but certainly not least, add a crown! Make it big or small, add decorations or leave it simple. hot glue it to Humpty's head! We think it looks particularly cute on an angle. :)

Happy Egg Season!

Mary Alice xx


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