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LifeSaver Valentine

While the commercialism surrounding Valentine's Day is not so great, we adore the idea of a day dedicated to love. And that day is pretty soon! Valentine's Day is February 14th! The clock is ticking, friends. Grab your paper rolls and start making something you think is adorable. (Like these!) Creating things to gift is a wonderful thing to do. It gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling unlike anything else. Are you ready to gift the ones' you love with something crafty, fun and (mostly) environmentally friendly? LET'S DO THIS.


Paper Rolls

Construction paper in 5 colors


Glue stick

Measuring tape

Silver tissue paper

You're a Lifesaver Template

Now with More Love Template


1 Measure and cut your paper into 6 inch long by 1 inch (or a little more, let's not stress ourselves out here) wide strips.